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Sex, sin, scandal, and secrets on a New England college campus...

Northbridge – a town right out of a classic nighttime soap opera. Hot sex? Good, old-fashioned romance? Campus-wide scandal? Dirty secrets? Killer cliffhangers? Yeah, it's got all that!

Newlywed Pauline Rondell gets more than she bargained for when her husband Scott convinces her to move to the small college town of Northbridge. She loved the glossy university brochure: The smiling football player and cheerleader crossing the quad. Ivy growing on the side of the building. Students reading under a tree ablaze with fall foliage.

Pauline soon discovers the brochure left out a few important details: Sarah, her husband's old girlfriend who won't let go of the past. The professor whose desktop sees more action than a mattress salesman. The stalker lurking in the shadows.

Not to mention what the rest of Pauline's new friends and neighbors in Northbridge are up to...


What's a serial? - A serial is a story told in episodic parts like daytime soap operas (DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL, YOUNG AND RESTLESS, etc.) or classic nighttime soap operas (PEYTON PLACE, DALLAS, DYNASTY, KNOTS LANDING, FALCON CREST, 90210, MELROSE PLACE, QUEER AS FOLK) Many modern prime time broadcast and cable TV, as well as Netflix shows, use a serialized format such as: MAD MEN, GAME OF THRONES, TRUE BLOOD, SCANDAL, NASHVILLE, DAREDEVIL, and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.

Do the NORTHBRIDGE epiodes have cliffhangers? - Hell yes! There are plenty of jaw-dropping cliffhangers!

What's this binge reading thing I keep hearing so much about? Binge reading is when somone reads all the episodes of a serial or all the books in a series one after the other in rapid succession. This is the same concept as binge wathing which is when you watch several episodes, often an entire season, of a TV show on DVD or via online streaming. NORTHBRIDGE is perfect for binge reading!

How many episodes of NORTHBRIDGE are there? The first 12 episodes have been released. There are more to come. Stay tuned...