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Secrets Of Slaters Falls by Matthew W. Grant


"Nothing like this had ever happened before in Slaters Falls. Everyone was talking about it, especially those with little or nothing constructive to say..."

With the novel's opening words, you're invited into the hearts, souls, and bedrooms of the residents of Slaters Falls - a small New England town teeming with secrets.

Four families of varying wealth and stature find their lives intertwined by sex, sin, and scandal. Among the ensemble cast of spiteful busybodies, ambitious social climbers, sleazy hunks, conniving bitches, dirty cops, and scheming murderers, several achieve meaningful change as they tackle social issues and taboo topics.

Class-conscious dirty realism, the prurience of a nighttime soap, and a generous supply of skeleton closets create the ultimate small town paradox - you wish you lived there, but you're glad you don't.

Some of the people you'll meet in Slaters Falls:

Heiress NANCY HARRISON fights the objections of her powerful family when she pursues a romance on the wrong side of town.

MELINDA ROLLINS, the minister's daughter, hides a secret from her fiance.

Pharmacist NATHAN COURANT struggles to hold his family together when tragedy strikes and a mysterious woman at a funeral reopens old wounds.

DONNA TREMBLEY'S plans to escape her waitressing job and her working class life put her at odds with her mother and lead to a heart-wrenching decision.

Little WILLIE WARZYCHA uncovers an unspeakable horror in a basement.

DR. SALVATORE FARINELLI refuses to sit by and let his children destroy their own lives, but his interference might drive them away forever.

Discover which Mother committed the most reprehensible act in Slaters Falls history.

Not since best-selling classic Peyton Place has a novel so thoroughly exposed the secrets and lies that fester beneath the picture-perfect surface of every small town.

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

(Length: 97,000 words)

(Now available as a trade paperback)


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How long could you live a lie?

Senior Zach Denham, the editor of the high school newspaper in a small New England town, struggles to act like a "normal" guy by dating Meghan, his religious friend. Key, the school's newly arrived attractive jock, forces Zach to confront the truth about his sexual identity. Still unsure of himself, Zach is reluctant to help start a support group for gay students at the high school.

Friends will become enemies when the explosive issue divides the school community. Opposition to the group mounts from the school administration, other students, Zach's friends, and even his own mother.

As Mrs. Trevott, Zach's trusted and sharp-tongued English teacher, advises, some of them will stand up for what they believe in even if they are standing alone. Some will face the darkest parts of themselves when they witness first-hand how destructive their own prejudice can be.

Matthew's screenplay version of Zach's Secret was a finalist in a Script Magazine screenwriting contest.

(Genre: YA Young Adult Drama)
(Length: 36,000 words)

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Dark Secrets


When the Powers of Darkness infest a small New England town... A tortured young man, a powerful psychic, a mysterious teacher, and a desperate mother with a hidden past fight for their lives and their souls against the evil that binds them together and threatens to destroy them all.

As his eighteenth birthday approaches, Rick Williams experiences violent, unexplainable headaches. His mother dismisses them as a simple allergic reaction. Her odd behavior, and the severity of the headaches, leave Rick and Nicole, his potential girlfriend, dissatisfied with that explanation and searching for a better one.

Enter Terrence, a mysterious substitute teacher at the local high school in scenic Maplecrest, Vermont. With Terrence's encouragement and influence, a group of seemingly normal students turns a routine science lab experiment into a frenzy of sadistic mutilation.

Against Rick's better judgment, Nicole eagerly seeks the help of a retired psychic to find out what Terrence wants from them. The psychic warns that they are all in grave and immediate danger. An unseen force attacks them during the session causing Rick to question whose side some of these "helpers" are really on.

As they get closer to the terrifying truth, some of them will die, making the rest of them more frightened, and yet more determined than ever to see good triumph over evil in the final supernatural showdown.

Those who live to see the unholy ritual would be wise to remember that the Devil always collects his due.

(Genre: Horror YA Young Adult) (Length: 38,000 Words)

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