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Mark Pace Books

Mark Pace is Matthew's dedicated pen name for gay romance novels and gay romantic suspense novels. He's written four novels under the Mark Pace name.

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Wanting His Professor

"A little jealousy never killed anyone..."

Or did it?

Gay Romantic Suspense Thriller Book Cover

Daniel Zenk is a typical college guy. Good-looking. Driven to succeed. A little too cocky. He differs from most of the other frat boy types on campus in one important way – Dan has the hots for his male English professor!

Professor Jason Montell's sexuality smolders just beneath the surface of his hipster glasses and conservative blazer. The university instructor wants to instill a love of literature in his students while finding love in his personal life. The two worlds collide at the beginning of the fall semester and set a dangerous chain of events in motion.

While implementing his plan to seduce the sexy older man, Dan crosses the line between interest and obsession. How far will the young man go to get Jason to give in to temptation?

Like the characters in Medea they are studying in class, the professor and his student are about to discover that "Stronger than lover's love is lover's hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make."

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First Time with the Gay Vampire

Eternal love or the final nail in the coffin?

Gay Vampire Romance Book Cover

Drew Carlton is a 25 year old athletic hunk who doesn't know how good-looking he really is. He's waited a long time for the special night when he enters Club Fangtasy, nervous about his first time with a man. Especially a man who also happens to be a vampire.

Ben Wilhelm won't reveal his age. (Isn't it rude to ask a vampire how old he is?) Ben's not looking for love; he's just looking for a warm place to sink his fangs for the night. When he sees the young stud across the dance floor, feelings are awakened deep within him that he hasn't experienced in over a century.

When the revelation of a shocking secret raises the stakes, will the dark desires and forbidden attraction between a vampire and a human lead to eternal love or the final nail in the coffin?

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The Wicked Hot Wizard of Oz

Over the rainbow. Waaaay over...

Gay Novel Wicked Hot Wizard of Oz Cover

Farm boy Donny Windham has two big problems: he's in the closet; and he's in love with his straight best friend!

His solution? Run away from home to someplace he's not the only gay guy in a two hundred mile radius of his family's Kansas farm. Before he can leave, a tornado transports Donny and his little dog Toto to the magical Land of Oz where they encounter Lions and Tylers and Gay Bears - oh my!

Donny makes new friends along the way including the scantily clad Good Warlock of the North, the sassy Scarecrow, the brokenhearted Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. Of course, there's the small matter of the Wicked Warlock of the West who'll stop at nothing to see Donny dead!

On his fantastical journey down the Yellow Brick Road towards the Emerald City to meet the Wicked Hot Wizard of Oz, Donny discovers one important thing: There's no place like home, especially if it's with the man of his dreams.

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Bobby and the Beast

Beauty. Beast. Not your grandma's fairy tale...

Gay Romance Novel Cover

Prince Christopher is as conceited as he is handsome. After his overwhelming ego offends an evil sorcerer, Christopher is robbed of the source of all his arrogance: his looks. Transformed into a hideous beast, Prince Christopher has only a limited time to fulfill a near-impossible condition or the curse will remain with him forever.

Bobby Farmer is a stunning and innocent twink. When Bobby's father is imprisoned as a trespasser at Prince Christopher's castle, Bobby offers himself in his father's place, and Prince Christopher accepts the brave young man's deal.

It isn't long before a friendship begins to blossom between the happy-go-lucky Bobby and the newly-humbled Prince. Friendship isn't enough to lift the sorcerer's shapeshifting curse, and unless Prince Christopher can win Bobby's heart, his fate will be sealed... But as the Prince-turned-beast wonders, how can a man whose beauty is more than skin-deep ever come to love a creature such as himself?

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