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Soap Opera Social Issues - Rape, Prostitution, and Teenage Pregnancy

Does Sex on Soaps Lead to Trouble?

Does Sex on Soaps Lead To Trouble? - 2

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Does Sex on Soaps Lead To Trouble? - 2

This article is as much about people's perceptions as it is about the actuality. The tendency was for both men and women to agree or strongly agree that sex on soaps causes trouble. Seventy percent of both men and women fell into those categories. That leaves thirty percent of the men and women either undecided or in disagreement. What soaps have they been watching? Either they aren't paying attention or they don't believe that being stabbed, losing a lover, and overwhelming guilt are problematic. One of the sources said, "When characters fail to control such passion, especially sexual passions, trauma results." (Frentz 15)

That leads right into the last section in this category. The survey statement was, "Soap characters are not able to control themselves in sexual situations." Men chose all five choices while women chose all but strongly disagree. Again, the expectation was that most respondents would either agree or strongly agree.

The evidence is in soap character's behavior and dialogue. If they could behave themselves, one hardly imagines there would be so many affairs and destroyed marriages. Soap characters constantly say things such as, "I can't keep my hands off you," or, "I want to be with you no matter what," and one of the all time best, "We never should have done that!" That last one promises to cause trouble and exciting plot material for months and even years to come. Two researchers concluded that viewers are learning a not so positive lesson from the characters' lack of control in sexual situations. "They are shown that sex is an uncontrollable force that is not subject to planning, foresight, or responsible behavior." (Frentz 30)


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