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Daytime Soap Opera Trivia

Daytime Soaps Trivia - Daytime Dynasties

Though well-known for his nighttime soaps such as MELROSE PLACE, BEVERLY HILLS 90210, and ultra-soap DYNASTY, Aaron Spelling's production company took only one foray into daytime television. Aaron produced SUNSET BEACH, which starred his son Randy. Aaron also guest starred on an episode of SUNSET BEACH as an ex-husband of Kathleen Noone's character, Aunt Bette.

Ted and Betty Corday co-created (along with Irna Phillips) DAYS OF OUR LIVES in 1965. Ted died in 1966 and Betty ran the show until she retired din 1985. Their son, Ken Corday, joined the crew in 1980 as a composer and production assistant. He became executive producer of DAYS OF OUR LIVES in 1987.

Frank and Doris Hursley created GENERAL HOSPITAL in 1963 and their daughter and son-in-law, Bridget and Jerome Dobson, created SANTA BARBARA in 1984.

Elizabeth Harrower, the mother of actress Susan Seaforth Hayes and mother-in law of Bill Hayes (Julie and Doug respectively, on DAYS OF OUR LIVES) was once the headwriter of DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

William J. Bell and his wife Lee Phillip Bell created THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, which William wrote for many years. Their daughter Lauralee is an actress on that show. One of their sons, Bradley, is the headwriter and executive producer of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, which was also created by his parents. Their other son, William Jr., is the president of Bell-Phillip Television Productions.

The headwriter of ABC Daytime's DARK SHADOWS was Sam Hall. His wife, Grayson Hall, played Dr. Julia Hoffman. Their son, Matthew Hall, was a writer on the NBC nighttime revival of DARK SHADOWS. Both Matthew and Sam wrote for ONE LIFE TO LIVE in the 1980's.

Ben Hogestyn, an actor from GENERAL HOSPITAL and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is the son of Drake Hogestyn, who has been on DAYS OF OUR LIVES for twenty years.

Liza Huber, who plays Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop, on PASSIONS, is the daughter of Susan Lucci of ALL MY CHILDREN fame.

Claire Labine created RYANS HOPE. She was later the headwriter of several soaps including GENERAL HOSPITAL on which her children, Matthew Labine and Eleanor Mancusi, were also writers.

Though Alice Horton is the ultimate matriarch on DAYS OF OUR LIVES to a countless and ever-growing brood in Salem, portrayer Frances Reid has no children in real life.

Like any industry, there are people who work their way up the soap opera ranks.

Frank Valentini worked in various capacities at ONE LIFE TO LIVE including associate director, stage manager, coordinating producer, director, and senior supervising producer before being named executive producer, the top production position on a soap opera.

Ellen Wheeler acted on Proctor & Gamble Productions' ANOTHER WORLD and AS THE WORLD TURNS. She directed on AS THE WORLD TURNS and GUIDING LIGHT before being named executive producer of GUIDING LIGHT.

Francesca James was an actress, producer and director on several soaps before being promoted to executive producer of ALL MY CHILDREN for a few years in the late 1990's.


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